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Be an App Developer

5 important things to know on APP DEVELOPMENT

It’s the era of smartphones. Everyone owns a smartphone now a days and what good are smartphone without apps! App development is a very popular career choice for programmers now. The main reason is the rapidly growing smartphone industry. People almost replaced their computers with smartphones now. It is easier and fast to access information via smartphones, especially when dedicated apps are there.

What is App Development?

Technically speaking, app development is the process of designing and programming a software specifically for hand hell devices like smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. Since the most popular smartphone OS now a days are Android and iOS, most app developers concentrate on these two platforms.
The development is done in multiple stages. At first, a basic idea of the user interface is created. Then the developer will write the codes and finally the UX designer will help to make the app a smooth experience for users.
When someone develops an application, they can distribute it via the Google play store for android or Apple app store for iOS. People can search in these app stores and install applications.

Be an APP developer

Why is it getting popular day by day: Today’s personal lifestyle?

As I mentioned earlier, smartphone users are rapidly increasing. Most of the smartphones either run on Android or iOS. These phone needs apps. Whether it is for taking photos, sending messages or even browsing the web, the smartphone operating systems have created it in a way that users can install and customize whatever they want and use their phone in a way they like.
This trend has given a lot of hope for programmers and developers. In these days, even popular websites are releasing their dedicated apps for readers. Having an app for these sites makes them easier for the user to access and it is this factor which makes them popular. Back in the day, the primary mode of texting was via SMS. Now apps like WhatsApp almost replaced SMS.

Different type of mobile app development

There are different types of apps. Mainly apps can be divided into three. Web based apps, native apps and hybrid apps. This classification is based on how they are coded and used in phones.
Native apps are those which we install in our phone. Like WhatsApp, Snapchat etc. They run completely on our phone. Web based apps, on the other hand runs on server. When we install a web based app, we are merely creating a shortcut to the website. When we open it, the website will render. These apps are coded in HTML5.
Hybrid apps are the combination of web and native apps. Hybrid apps can be installed in our phone and when we open it, content is pulled from servers. This type is commonly used by e-commerce sites.

Where to learn development

Anyone can be an app developer. All you need is a good knowledge in common programming languages like java, C, XML etc.
First you need to decide which platform you are going to choose. Then get an idea about the programming languages you need learn to be a developer. For example, if you chose to develop Android apps, then you need to learn Java and XML. Java is used for back end coding and XML is used for front end coding in Android. So chose a platform and identify which languages you need to learn.
If you are already familiar with coding, then no problem. All you have to do is learn how to use those coding for app development. You can either join for offline courses or online course for this. There are many websites available which will teach you how to make apps. I suggest learning online because it is less costly and it will help you to tackle the obstacles in your learning journey yourself.
Simple search for “how to develop apps” and you’ll get tons of results. Here, I’ve listed down some most popular App development courses. You can select from the given list also.

The Complete iOS 9 Developer Course – Build 18 Apps

The Complete Android Developer Course – Build 14 Apps

Master Android 6.0 Marshmallow Apps Development Using Java

The Complete Android Developer Course – Build 21 Apps

The Complete iOS8 and Swift Course: Learn by Building 15 Real World Apps

Python Tutorial: Python Network Programming – Build 7 Apps

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Learn App Development

How much one can earn in this sector

App development is rapidly growing. The money you can make in this sector entirely depends on your skills. A 2013 analyst report says that there are 529,000 direct jobs in App development.
You have multiple choices in this field. You can either work for some company as an employee and develop apps for them and receive a fixed salary every month. The advantage is that you have a steady stream of income. It doesn’t matter if your app becomes successful in the market or not. You will get paid at the end of the month despite what happens to the app you made. The salary depends on who is your employer. Huge companies like Google and Facebook pays good money for their developers. A Facebook interns gets $7000.
The second choice is you can take a little risk and work as a freelancer to develop apps for other people. The benefit is that you can charge as much as you want for developing apps if you are good at what you do. Also you don’t have to take orders from anyone and you can work only when you feel like working.
You can may be even start your own small firm if you have some cool ideas. There are ways to monetize your apps. So if your app becomes a hit, you will end up receiving some real good money via advertising.

Future of this industry

There are millions of active smartphones users in the world. They all love to check out new apps. The application development industry has a very bright and promising future. People or companies who managed to develop interesting applications are receiving a great amount of money via advertising and by offering different services to the users. Every major online businesses already have their own app. The trend in the field is for companies to make their own dedicated app. This gives better access to the users and thus will result in reaching more customers. There is no doubt that the smartphone industry will grow in the upcoming year. So as long as there is smartphones and other potable handheld devices in the worlds, there will always be a need for app developers.


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