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Are you financially and emotionally ready to take Retirement?

Forget the old golden days when there was full job-security at work-place and a fixed age for retirement with good pension at hand. Today’s world is very challenging and the term “job-security” is going to be obsolete. There is no pension system in 90% of the work places and no fixed ages of retirement. The true fact of today’s world is that continuously you have to make value addition to your job. If in any year, you fail to provide some extra value towards your working area then you may be forced to be retired from that service.

This is the reason, young entrepreneurs are rising in every field and most of the working people are searching for extra sources of income. In this scenario, optimum investment is really required. You need to take proper care of your financial goals, especially retirement-fund. You should start investment for this financial goal even before you reach 30.

In earlier days, retirement meant the last few years of your life with no work . But, today meaning of retirement has changed. You may  take early retirement from your service and start a new venture. But before leaving your job or starting a new one, you should be well prepared for this challenge. That means you should have enough fund to meet your daily financial needs and other critical needs. There are also many other factors to be taken care of before taking such decision.

Today I’ll discuss on this matter. Don’t worry, I’ll not make a boring discussion but I have made an interesting quiz session for you. Answer the questions and find out whether you are financially and emotionally ready to take this challenge or not. Best of Luck.

retirement quiz

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Quiz Session:

This quiz session is divided into 2 groups , one is designed to check your financial condition and another will check your psychological state of taking retirement. Both are important parameters for taking this decision because one may be financially ready for this new phase of life but after entering into this life-stage, he or she may be emotionally depressed due to lack of work . So take both the quiz session seriously.

Are you financially ready for retirement?

This question will show whether you are financially ready to take retirement or not?

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Are you emotionally ready for retirement?

Now start this quiz session to find out whether you are emotionally ready to take the retirement.


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