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Can an online course solve your personal finance problems?

Almost all the general people at their early career face a problem i.e. money management problem. Yes, it is really a challenging one. You can’t ignore this problem because all of your dreams and goals are connected with the effective management of your income. Previously, the lifestyle was slow pacing and there was enough time to discuss on this matter with others and take advice from the elders. But in this fast lifestyle, it has become almost impossible. Of course, you can go for trial and error method and can take a risk with your hard-earned money if you have 100% job security. But do you have that? I know almost 90% of the people will say “No, there is no job security”. So what to do?

You have 2 options. One is go to a personal Finance planner who will make a customized finance plan for you. You have to just follow that and have to review the plan once in a year or two. But the personal finance planner will charge you a lot . If you can afford it then make an appointment in this weekend and go for it.

But if your budget does not permit you to do this then educate yourself on personal finance. I think this is the best way to solve your problem. Because this will give you the ability to manage your money as per your own way. If suddenly any money related problem comes to your life then you’ll be able to handle that situation more effectively without asking for others help.


Now, you may have one question in mind that where to study and what to study. Will it take huge time and money? Don’t worry! There are numerous free and paid personal finance courses in internet. You can choose the courses as per your own requirement. Normally, you should have knowledge on the following areas to manage your money :-

How to make your budget:

The essential thing in personal finance is budgeting. You should know your income sources and your expenses under each head. Saving and investment are totally dependent on effective management of this area.

Here are some good courses on this area. As a special offer, get any course @$19 upto 16th November’2016 irrespective of the original price:-

The Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance & Saving Thousands

Excel Planners & Budget for Family or Businesses

Excel Budget Template: Spend Wise, Save More, Keep Track

Budget – Save – Win. Simplify your financial life.

How credit works:

Credit is a contractual agreement between the debtor and creditor. Functionability of credit card, loan repayment is associated with this technique. You should have knowledge on calculation of interest, principal amount payment, EMI calculation, etc.

Here are the best courses from the experts on this field to guide you on your loans and your credits. Currently you’ll get any of them @$10 only up to 30th August.

Dissolve Your Debt – A Step By Step Plan To Become Debt Free

What School Didn’t Teach Us About Saving, Investing & Credit

Credit Scores: How Personal Credit Works

Raise Your Credit Score to 800 Or More….

Where to invest:

You should have basic knowledge on different investment vehicles i.e. debt, equity, FDs/CDs, employer contribution, etc. If you have clear idea on the return and risk associated with each of the investment vehicles then only you’ll be able to invest your hard-earned money in right place.

Learn any of the below mentioned courses to get clear knowledge on investment.

Investing 101: The Complete Online Investing Course

The Complete Value Investing Course: A Proven Approach

Fundamentals of Investing!

Learn To Invest In 7 Steps

Investing Success: Learn Keys From A Millionaire Investor!

Why the bread-earner requires a life-insurance:

Do you have a life insurance? What is the premium/sum assured amount? If you are the only bread-earner of your family then you should have sufficient amount of life-insurance so that your loved ones do not face any unwanted situation in absence of you. Calculate your life insurance value using this calculator .

Why health Insurance is important:

While you’ll be finance literate, you’ll understand the importance of sufficient amount of health insurance of all family members. If all of your family members do not have enough health insurance then all of your savings may be washed off in case of any medical emergencies.

Here is some guidance for you:-

Obamacare – What Everyone Should Know About Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Strategies to Maximize Your Health Insurance Benefits

Why emergency Fund:

Most of the general people ignore to have an emergency fund. But Emergency Fund is really very important in any family. There are excellent course for you to learn how  much emergency fund do you require and what is the best place to keep your emergency fund. Click here to read a fantastic article on this area.


How to retire comfortably:

Personal finance course will guide you for your retirement planning. It’ll teach you the dos and don’ts to have a secure retired life. Here are the advices from the expert on this matter in form of self-learning video courses:-

Ultimate Retirement: Build Your Own Dynamic Retirement Plan

How to Build a Massive Retirement Plan from Scratch!

Save Money The SMART WAY To Hit Goals and Retire Early


All the courses on personal finance are the perfect blend of the experiences and knowledge of the experts in this field. These courses will give you the practical knowledge which you require to manage your money in the specified area. Normally theoretical courses only give us the knowledge but all of these courses will help you to learn how to apply the knowledge in practical field. If you are novice in every field of the personal finance then don’t go for every individual e-learning courses but join in a complete personal finance courses from the list below:-

The Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance & Saving Thousands

Personal Finance Masterclass

Personal Finance Strategies for Debt, Savings, & Retirement

Personal Finance 101 for New Couples Who Don’t Want to Split

Personal Finance Mastery: Debt Budgeting and Investing

The original course price of the above courses in between $30-$200 but as a special offer you’ll get any of the courses @$19 only for next few days i.e. upto 16th November’2016.

You still may have some doubts like will these solve my problem? Well, in this regard, I have an example for you. I personally know a guy who was over-spender and had zero money management skill in his early service life. But now he is an expert in personal finance management and not only effectively manages his own money but also advice others in their money related problem. No, he is not from finance background but he is an IT professional/software engineer. There is not any magic behind such change but there is only education. I encouraged him to educate himself and suggest 1-2 video courses and some magazines for regular reading purpose. All of these make good changes slowly but steadily. You can also make these magical changes within yourself.

Be Finance literate and manage your money like a pro.

Happy learning!

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Moonmoon Biswas is an Equity research analyst . She has more than 10 years of experience in this field. She has proven track record in the field of Technical analysis and the Fundamental analysis. From the educational background, She is an MBA-Finance with CFA (India). She has work experience in the leading broking houses in India and has also in hand experience in Australian Security Market. She has her own equity research firm and currently also engaged in digital marketing.

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