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Easy but legal ways to earn some extra cash on your leisure time

Many people try to establish some security by creating multiple streams of income because of insecurity in their private job field . Sometimes homemaker, like me, who have quit their job because to raise children, search for simple jobs which they can do from home. It’s a clever strategy, but if you have trouble getting out of your home or primary position to get a second job, you will find yourself frustrated and stressed.

Or maybe you are a little older and can not commit to a full-time job. Or, you may be injured or disabled, making it difficult for you to leave your house every day. Whatever your reason is, if you’re stuck at home most of the time, you probably thought about the income that could be done by adopting a work at home or have your own business.

Here, in this article I’ll share with you some easy and legal ways to earn good money by working from home. Yes, it is very true that if you want to honestly earn a living at home, you may be also a common target for scammers. But, if you are very careful and takes only one/two job of your passion then you’ll not be a victim of such cases.
I hope, you’ll get a job of your choice from this article.

Make money from Home

1. Online Surveys

Every big company has its research team. Before creating a product or before launching a new service , they make surveys within the residents of that country to see whether the product/service will meet the expectations of the inhabitants of the country or not. But if the company itself will go for a survey then it may have to spend a huge amount of money and huge time.

So they give this survey task to the survey companies with time period and a fixed amount of money. These survey companies have many registered candidates and they passed these surveys to their candidates. The survey companies give a percentage of money(what they have got from the companies) to the candidates for doing the surveys.

This money amount normally stays in between $1 to $25 per survey depending on their difficulty. So, you can now understand that earning from surveys are 100% legal and you can earn handsome money by doing surveys at your leisure time.

Some survey company may ask you to give some money for registration purpose just because to see whether you are serious in this job or not and they generally give high paying surveys to these paid candidates. But of-course, this payment will be one time only.

Here are some good survey companies, paid surveys at home, cash taking surveys, etc.

2. Stock Trading/Option trading/Forex Trading

If you have basic knowledge on stock market and online trading then you can start online trading from home. There are many free and paid articles on these trading even there many trading platform who will give you full support for your trading.

Normally, a beginner can earn upto 30% return from his investment only from the stock trading field. Obviously, in the option market or fore market, the return rate is higher. There is a very good course on stock trading with step by step guide, you can try this out.

Now-a-days, binary options have got huge popularity because of its simplicity. Once, you’ll join in a Binary trading platform then you’ll get full resources to upgrade your knowledge base.

There are lot of companies with binary platform, like-Autobinary, Binaryoption, Binaryoptionpro, BlackDiamondTrader, etc.

Forex trading also getting huge popularity but it may be riskier for you if you are very new in this area although many there are many forex signal platforms claimed that you’ll get such such return if you use their software but it is always advisable to do trading on that product where you have good knowledge.

Some of the forex trading platforms are:-Forextrendy, Wall street forex robot, etc.


3. Writing and publishing an eBook Kindle

If you have good knowledge on something then it is a good idea to research and writing. With the Kindle store from Amazon, anyone can publish an e-book and make money.

The Kindle app is now available on most devices (laptops, smart phones and iPads,) and it has a huge global market .
Include your book $ 0.99 – £ 5.99 and you earn 70% of the sale from Amazon. Kindle ebooksThe key to success with ebooks is to create value, and write nonfiction.

Another good tip is to have a cover designed so it stands out, and once your book is published in the Kindle store which is very important to get feedback, which appears above the results. Encourage readers to leave an honest review at the end of his book.

The best of this lucrative idea is that once you invest the time and earn passive income for years to come! Here is a good book on this area “How To Write A Book In Less Than 24 Hours“, just read it follow the steps.

4. Posting photos on the website

This is a fantastic job. You don’t even have to spend no extra time for this. There are many websites who collect photos from the amateur photographers. You just post your vacation tour photos here and once someone will download your photo by paying money for it, you’ll get your commission.

You can get $1-$125 per photo depending on the quality.
Here is a very good site on this area, you can try this out. Click Here

5. Online Teacher

Just brush up your school/college studies and apply for online tutor job. Just select the subject you want to teach and set your preferences as online. Then there is no need to move outside, just sit on your computer table, open skype or any other medium and start teaching your student. This job is getting very popular day by day. From the student perspective, teaching with an online teacher is more cost effective than a home tutor and another main point is that the student can get the best teacher around the world and there is no local boundary.

From your perspective, you can earn handsome money by spending only 1 hour . Here is a company where they are currently looking for online tutors, Click Here.

6. Simple online works

There are various companies who appoint people for normal easy tasks like data entry, administrative works, proof reading . Depending on the job, they pay good amount . You can also try this out. Some of them are homejobstop, homejobgroup, etc.

7.Affiliate marketing

If you have a good presence on social networks or maybe even have a blog or a website, you can start putting money immediately by promoting all types of companies, products, services and online offers.

Don’t go for finding each company separately for affiliate marketing. Just register yourself in Linkshare, Clickbank , Amazon and Ebay. In the first two companies, you’ll get many companies listed as advertisers, join the company of your choice and start to promote their product. It is very easy and 100% legal.

8. Mystery Shopping

Being a mystery shopper now easy! Become a mystery shopper is easier than you think and you can be richly rewarded.
Just like the paid survey job. But here you have to physically visit the store, hotel and restaurant and buy the service or product .Then make a true report and submit that. You’ll get good money for this work and also money will be reimbursed to you which you have incurred.

Isn’t it very interesting!!! Some companies which offer mystery shopping are:-Elitemysteryshopping, paidshopping, Shoppingjob,etc.

9. Online Writing Jobs

Today blogging is getting very popular and as a result the demand of good writer is increasing day by day. Many good websites are hiring good writes for their blogs. If you have good control over the language then you can apply for the writer jobs. Click Here for such a company.

10. Selling your own crafted items

If you are very good in craft works. Just sell your crafted items on EBay. Here is good course on this area.
Or you can get assemble jobs of your choice, like- Sewing, Woodwork, Craft Work or Making Jewelry, and more!”

Click Here To Get Over 100 Home Assembly & Craft Jobs Now!

11. Get paid by managing others Social Media profile

Do you love to spend time on facebook and twitter? If yes, then this job is appropriate for you. You can earn minimum $25 per hour by managing some companies’ social media profiles.
Very easy task. Just to post different offers on their fan pages and give answer to the comments. Just like, the survey companies, these social media management companies get tasks from different celebrities or different businesses. Then they offer these tasks to their registered professionals.
So, for the first time, the this social media management company may ask you some onetime registration fees . This registration fees is just to see whether you are sincere or not.
To get such type of job, click here.


There is no “get rich quick” scheme.

You can earn good money only from your hard work . But online course creation or ebook can give you passive income also.

About Moonmoon Biswas

Moonmoon Biswas is an Equity research analyst . She has more than 10 years of experience in this field. She has proven track record in the field of Technical analysis and the Fundamental analysis. From the educational background, She is an MBA-Finance with CFA (India). She has work experience in the leading broking houses in India and has also in hand experience in Australian Security Market. She has her own equity research firm and currently also engaged in digital marketing.

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