Why should you stay away from penny stocks? 1

Why do I avoid Penny stocks? Being an Equity analyst, I regularly face many interesting questions while dealing with my clients. Some are very common like –“Why do you advice the […]


Are you Ready for Retirement? 3

Are you financially and emotionally ready to take Retirement? Forget the old golden days when there was full job-security at work-place and a fixed age for retirement with good pension at […]

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Fulfil your Dreams

Free Financial Goals Calculator

Effortlessly manage your Dreams to make them Real We all have some dreams in our life regardless of our stage of life. Some dreams are practical and achievable and some are […]

Emergency Fund Calculator

Emergency Fund Calculator 15

How much should I save as Emergency Fund? Today I’ll discuss on Emergency Fund; a very essential but much neglected thing in our daily family life. When,everything goes  right, we can’t […]

9 Inevitable tips to Control your Spending

How to stop overspending and keep your Budget under control Are you among them who started their month with a wish to save a lot and found themselves in debt at […]


Retirement Plan

7 steps to planning a Secure Retirement 1

Blueprint of a Financially Secure Retirement Your ability to have a secure retirement is completely depending on your planning. As I have discussed earlier, personal financial planning is important for having […]

Personal Finance Guide for your Kids 2

Is it Necessary to educate my child about managing Personal Finance? Being a personal Financial Planner, I often face this type of question regularly. In all the cases, my answer is […]

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