More than 10 ways to promote your business through YouTube


How To Promote Your Business On YouTube

YouTube is the world’s foremost online video hosting and sharing service that allows people to share their videos. It’s common for businesses and private users to utilize YouTube to find or share videos, including promotions, entertainment, and instructions.

YouTube is the undoubtedly the most popular video host and social media channel. It enables people across the globe to share, interact, and create content via online communities. The measure of popularity and number of visitors of the site on site can be gauged from the fact the channel scores over a million hits every day.

Considering its popularity and offered features, It is a useful marketing channel for any business. Your business can use this for launching or promoting your products and brand’s ‘personality’, monitoring feedback from public, providing customer service and helping spread the word about your business.
This article will explain the ways of using YouTube in your business and its benefits.

YouTube Marketing

A.What is YouTube all about?

YouTube started operation in 2005 and has grown virally. Every single minute, people upload video footage worth more than 4 days to YouTube. It carries the world’s second-largest search engine (behind Google, owner of this). It implies people constantly searching for videos relating to their topics of interest on YouTube.

B.What kind of businesses can benefit from YouTube?

For Businesses to benefit from using YouTube must have interesting, video-suitable content to share. The business must have a brand as well as a ‘personality’. The business must be willing and in a position to interact, receive feedback and comment with customers like a real person. It must have a social media savvy staff to exploit the potential of online media video marketing.

C. How to Promote Your Business through YouTube


Since YouTube is video themed site, so all the marketing gimmicks for your business are video related.

(i)YouTube videos

With YouTube videos you can cover any topic to upload a video about. These videos can be easily shared via other websites, social media, and email. Videos can also be embedded in other websites.
It has a feature to encourage viewers to store videos, to share and express their opinion on videos they watch. You can promote your company by making it publicly available to your customer base.

(ii)YouTube Analytics:

It gives you great information about your target customers
It is a great analytics and reporting tool. It returns data about each video you upload which includes the gender and age groups within which your video is most popular, your video is most popular in which countries and comments / ratings it received. This is the kind of information which every business would love for correct customer analysis and targeting.

(iii)Use YouTube channels to promote your business

You can set up an exclusive YouTube channel for your business (bringing all your videos together). This further allows you to customize your channel as per your design (with images representing your firm). Your channel can also include an ‘About’ section with a short description of your business with relevant contact details and an added link to your website. You can promote the channel URL on your website as a marketing tool. Your videos will be listed on the pages of visitors who subscribe to your channel.

(iv)Advertising on YouTube to Promote your Business

YouTube allows ads of your business as per your preferences to appear on the pages of your choice. You can make a choice of locations where your ad will appear in, its format of appearance, and how much you pay per view (Depending upon the prominence you want over your competitors).

(v)Demonstrating your products

Through YouTube you can show your products in action especially if you have limited physical distribution channels. You can use this platform to allow customers to see your products in action including theatre companies, toy manufacturers and theme parks etc.

(vi)Creating an online community

If your businesses have a following or it’s a part of a community then you can use YouTube as a platform to share and engage with your customers including video blogs, product launches, customer footage, and event footage via video.

(vii)Demonstrating your business expertise

Your business can use YouTube to build your reputation as an expert in your niche. This includes uploading short video tips, other experts’ videos or video tutorials.

(viii)Save your own bandwidth

YouTube has the feature to embed video content in your website within your site’s bandwidth. This implies that your customers’ will have better download speeds.

(ix)Showcasing your brand’s ‘personality’ through YouTube

When you want to add color and movement to your brand, take it on YouTube for free. For example, a car maker can not only post footage of car making events and test drive tutorials, they can also share video footage from factory to show room and add interviews with the people who drive and use those cars.

(x)Solving customers’ problems

You can use YouTube to interact with customers provide them smart video solutions. You can post demonstration videos of product installations, ‘screen capture‘ tutorials on how to work with a software.
You can use this platform for FAQs and troubleshooting support for your product buyers. Better still you can use YouTube to offer product to people who don’t know about the product yet.

(xi)Inducing your customer for a ‘call to action’

Watching your video should lead your customer to buying your product, promoting your business through some social media network, give you some kind of feedback or ask for more information related to your product or business. To see any of these ends, you can include a call to action with your  videos here e.g. inviting people to comment, rating, sharing, subscribing or checking to your YouTube channel etc. Your call to action may improve your website visits and encourage your customers to shop or phone you. You may as well suggest people to quote a promotion code for free or discounted promotional service.

The Verdict

These are just few of the ways you can use YouTube to promote your business. If you want to be expert in this field, you can join many popular courses instructed by the experts in this field.For our enthusiastic learners, for a limited time period, we are offering some good courses on YouTube @$2 only (worth $300 each)

The list of potential ways is exhaustive and as long as your imagination can stretch. Don’t miss out on this valuable business promotion tool if you aren’t already there.

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