Top 5 Personal Finance courses of Udemy

top personal finance courses

 Manage your Personal finance like a pro with these Top 5 courses from Udemy

It is exciting to announce that the Black Friday promotion has been started on Udemy. Get any course on Udemy @$10 for next 2 days while the regular price ranges are in between $100-$200. I know this offer is irresistible because World’s Top professionals from different fields share their experiences in the form of courses through Udemy. Only this time of the year, Udemy is offering the sale on these premium courses.
Before you start checking the course catalog to upskill yourself, let me take this opportunity to share TOP 5 Personal Finance courses in Udemy.

Value Investing Bootcamp: How to Invest Wisely


This course is offered by Nick Kraakman and was launched in June’2014. Within last 2 years, more than 9800 students have enrolled for this course and the average rating of the course from the students is 4.6 out of 5.
This course guides you to effectively manage your own portfolio to get above average ROI from your invested capital. After completing the course you’ll know the secrets to become superior stock investor.
To know more on this course, click here.

Dividend Investing: Build Your Portfolio for a Better Future


This course is the perfect blend of the 10 years experiences of investing and trading with the knowledge of the Instructor Martin Nelson. The course was launched on Jan’2015 and within this short timeframe, more than 8200 students have enrolled for this course. The average rating of the course is 4.6.
This course guides you on how to build your retirement fund with the dividend growth stocks. The instructor has shared some basic things which you need to know to make good passive investment like a pro.
Click here to know more on this course.

Index Mutual Funds: Lower Cost-Risk & High Return Investing!

Instructor for this course is Steve Ballinger and this course was launched in last January.
By taking this course, you’ll be able to know why and how investing in Index Fund is profitable. You’ll learn how to choose the best index fund and Exchange Traded Fund for you by using some simple tools.
Already the course has attracted more than 3300 students and if you want to know more on this course then click here.

Stock Market from Scratch for Complete Beginners

“Are you Interested in Stock market but don’t know where to start ?” – this course guides you as this saying go!
This course is offered by Jatin Taneja and more than 2700 students have enrolled for this course in last 10 months!
It is a complete beginner’s guide on trading and investing. This course is targeted at the Beginners who know nothing about the stock market but have an urge to know and learn exactly what it is from scratch.  If you want to enroll for this course then click here.

How to Trade Binary Options Effectively – All Levels

The instructor for this course is Viktor Neustroev and has attracted more than 1500 students in last 9 months after launching.
It is clear from the name that this course is about Binary Option trading. This course will explore the fundamentals of trading binary options. You will also learn advantages and disadvantages of trading with the simple trading tricks for success.
To know more on this, click here.

All the above courses are beginner level courses and you need not to be an expert in finance to get enrolled in any of the courses. You just need a PC, internet connection and an open mind to learn few new things and to adapt that in your life style.
Have a happy learning with udemy Black Friday Offer!

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